IOS development course at CCSF

I had no idea that City College of San Francisco has been offering IOS development courses. Furthermore the IOS course is now taught in Swift. Although it is not clear why the college decided to teach the course in Swift and not in Objective-C, the class still interests me.

Firstly, Jason Schatz, the instructor is awesome. According to his bio, Jason has been developing IOS applications for years.

Secondly, face two face meetings are priceless. There are quite a few online courses that claim to get you up and running in no time, but that never worked for me.

Finally, I believe that your success depends on feedback you get from your mentor, especially when it comes to software development. Getting feedback from someone who is familiar with IOS development can make a huge difference in developing new skills. And attending the class can potentially increase my chances of getting prompt feedback.

Also, CCSF offers IOS development certificate, which might not be a bad thing to have. More info here.

And now this: