Want to lose weight? Indoor Rowing Machine might be your best friend.

If you are reading this the chances are you want to lose weight. Regardless of whether you have successfully or unsuccessfully tried to lose weight through excersise and diet, give a rowing machine a try. (If you have used a rowing machine exercise and did not get desired results, I want to know more about your workouts and your diet.)

The weight loss process is simple and in most cases can be described by a simple formula: burn more calories than you take in. Burning calories is not simile and depends on a few key factors: your overall health, your metabolic rate, your diet, and the way you burn calories. Any excess calories that do not burn eventually turn into fat.

So you need to find a calorie burner and a rowing machine might be exactly that. Rowing involves every large muscle group in the body:

Very good read out on what muscle groups are involved can be found here.

When rowing for weight loss, it is very important to focus on workout consistency and the length of the workout. When I started using the rowing machine I would aim at completing a 20 minutes workout five to six times per week. Nowadays my goal is to increase the length to 50 minutes.
My favorite rowing workouts are:

6000 meters non-stop.
2000 meters, 1500 meters, 1000 meters, 500 meters with 3 minutes. rest easy rowing in between sets.
10000 meters nonp-stop.
2x6000 meters with 4 minutes of easy rowing in between sets.

Always keep a log of your workouts. A simple Excel spreadsheet phone can be as effective as the Concept2 logbook. But always, before leaving the machine, take a photo of the workout results with your phone.

Just remember, becoming overweight doesn’t happen overnight and the same goes the other way - becoming fit takes a lot of hard work and consistency.